Monday, May 30, 2016

Today is my exact two month mark! Somedays it feels like I just got here and some days feel like I have already been here a year and a half. But that's ok I LOVE my mission and I LOVE being a missionary ❤So this week was pretty slow but I'll share a few things!

1) Exchanges! Sister Nunez came to our area and Sister Arnold went to Hilliard. It was so great! I love Sister Nunez! I learned so much from her! I was really bummed when we had to exchange back.
2) Sister Call In. On Thursday morning we had a sisters call in with ALL the sisters in the mission and Sister Alexander. The sisters going home this week shared their testimonies and reflected on their missions. It was so uplifting! It made me glad I still have a while to learn and grow as a missionary! (: 
3) I Found a Heart Buddy. We had dinner with a family in the ward and their baby had heart surgery too! We have matching scars haha. So we talked about heart stuff and that was fun. 
4) Praying For My Feet. At service this week I mentioned that my feet were cherry red and I had no idea why. (I'm assuming it's due to bad circulation but they always are bright red when I am in the heat. So if any of you know why that would happen feel free to tell me.) Anyway the leader of the place we serve at heard me and came over and started asking questions and getting really concerned. Then he started praying! To be honest I was holding in laughter. But it was kind of him to be so concerned!
5) Claim To Fame. So fun fact: my ward mission leader is the son of the candy bomber guy from Meet the Mormons! And another family in the ward was asked to be in the movie but they had something come up.

Anyway this week was not too exciting. Transfers are today and we are staying put. Some leadership is changing so that will be exciting to meet new people! Our Pday is gonna be pretty chill too. I may or may not be chopping off all my hair, stay tuned 😉

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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