Monday, May 16, 2016

This week has gone by SO FAST! It's crazy! It has been a good, but a hard week. So let me tell you all about it!

1) Tuesday we had a meeting with all the new missionaries and our trainors! I was so happy because I got to be with the 9 sisters I came out here with! I miss them all so much so it was a joyful reunion! ❤
2) Wednesday was just not a good day. EVERY apointment we had cancelled and EVERY house we knocked on no one answered. We felt prompted to visit the Noyola family who we met the first week I was here. They haven't met with us for a few weeks so we drove over to their home. It took like 10 minutes for them to answer their door, but they did! It was great! We were able to teach them and they said they missed us! It made up for the not so great day we had.
3) On Thursday my other companions had a meeting that I didn't need to be at so I went with some other sisters! We were out walking in a neighborhood and there was a man outside unloading his car. We offered to help and then continued talking to him. He had an amazing life story and such a strong testimony. But the real kicker is HE HAS A PACEMAKER! Ha! It literally made my night. We talked about our medical stories and we even have matching Medic Alert braclets! I am so sad I won't see him again! Oh we also spent the night with those sisters since we had a meeting the next morning in their town! 
4) Last night we were again walking around finding people and I picked the house to go to and it was defiantly meant to be! They were so nice and let us in! We showed a video about Christ and the lady was in tears! They both had great faith and we introduced the Book of Mormon and set a return apointment! Also the man looked at me and said he has seen me before. I kinda freaked out in my head and thought of the story I shared in my farwell talk! Maybe this is the "friend" I was meant to find 😊
5) The worst for last right? So we have been meeting with Esonya for weeks and she had a baptism date and was good to go.... then we read the interview questions. She isn't ready to fully switch over to just coming to our church. She really likes hers and her family is there too. So we were obviously heart broken after that. The ASL sisters in Salt Lake are still gonna work with her, but we won't be seeing her that often anymore. So hopefully one day she will want to be baptized and fully commit, but for now she isn't ready sadly.

Scripture:  Matthew 19:26
" But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."
I love this because hello it is so true! All things are possibe with God!  He loves us so much and is there to help us!

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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