Monday, May 9, 2016

First off Saturday was my ONE MONTH MARK!! Except I feel like I have been here a year. Don't get me wrong it is great, just sometimes time goes so slow.

Anyway it has been a great week! I am not sick, I am not homesick, AND WE GOT WIFI! So obviously I have everything I need in life (: And to top it off on Sunday I get to Skype my mom/sister and my dad!

The work is good, Esonya came to church yesterday and is still planning to be baptized this month! I love my ward here too! The people are so great!!

Anyway let's get into the fun stuff, I actually have something to share this time around!

1) This past week, pre wifi, we were at the library syncing our area books. This man walked past us, stopped, and came back. He was like african or something, he had a very strong accent. Anywho he started telling us we weren't being effective sitting there on our devices. Then he started bible preaching and I could hardly hear him. He was quizing us and I don't even know it was so stange. Then he got up and walked off, but while he was walking out he started to laugh, like an evil villian laugh. It was so odd and a little scary.

2) Also we do service every week at this homeless shelter and they told us this past week we couldn't come anymore if we wear our tags. Like what? Dumb. It was actually their preist lady, who has never been there while we have been serving. She asked if we were representing our church or Jesus like hello, both??  Elder Norconk handled it and I guess we just won't serve there anymore!

3) The weather is starting to get HUMID! No me gusta nada. So please pray that I don't melt away(: We got some rain this weekend though which was nice!

4) Last night we took a new convert and her boyfriend who is investigating to the mission presidents fireside! It was beautiful!! The spirit was so strong and I wish it was longer!

Also I decided to share a scripture each week, todays is D&C 10:33. It is crazy how every morning when I read something applies so directly to me! This one was a really good one!

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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