Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 26, 2016 9 months in

First off thank you to all of those who wished me a Merry Christmas, or sent me packages, or letters, and just love in general. It reallly means alot when someone takes time out of thier normal life to send something my way. I AM BLESSED! πŸ˜

So Christmas was good, but let me tell you some gems from my week first!

Monday was great minus the fact my group email didn't work the first time. We went to Rock Hill for a district activity! We made scones and fried some oeros and then went laser tagging! Then Monday we got the okay to spend the night at the Waxhaw sister's house, since we had an early meeting the next day. Sister Miller (aka my MTC comp) is in Waxhaw, and her and Sis Hill, and I came out together so obviously it was a blast. πŸŽ‰

Tuesday we had our Zone {CHRISTMAS} Conference! It was combined with Charlotte Central and Gastonia zones! Each zone sang some musical numbers, and I was apart of two of ours! It was fun! We then sang some songs together, and then ate some yummy food! After we did a service project! We put together food boxes for people in the Charlotte area that were in need! During lunch we also had a not so usual talent show, which my district was involved with. I seriously don't think I will ever love another district as much as I love the one I am in now. Anywho after lunch we played Jepordy and it got heated hahahah low key think the assistants rigged it but anywhoooo it was fun none the less. We watched some movie clips about the translation of the Book of Mormon and then the departing missionaries bore their testimonies and we called it a day! πŸ˜Š

Then I went on exchanges with Sister Perez and so I stayed in Charlotte! We had so much fun! We got to go Christmas shopping for our companions and a miracle occured. So I had already gotten Sis Hill's gift BUT she is in love with Finding Dory hahaha so I was like wait I need to get her something Finding Dory. So we went to the calendar kiosk and while we were checking out the man was basically like "I hate how Christ isn't the center of Christmas these days and all people care about is presents" So we taught him, right there, in the middle of South Park Mall! It was a miracle!!πŸ™Œ

On Wednesday we went caroling with the Young Women and it was a blast! I love this branch SO MUCH!

Christmas Eve was great too! A family invited us over for breakfast and I finally tried Grits& Shrimp! It was pretty good!! That night we ate dinner with another family and had a nice Christmas Devotional with it! That night we went home and opened our new Christmas PJ's! Thanks Mom! 

Christmas Day, we woke up and of course checked to see if Santa came.... he did (: 
So we opened our presents and that was fun! We got ready and went to church, sadly all our investigators went out of town, but it's okay! After church we went down to the Tracy's house and opened more presents bc the Tracy's are probably the nicest people on the planet and they took good care of us. We had Navajo Tacos for lunch! Ha! They were so gooddddd! 

Then we rushed to our dinner apointment at the Garcia's! We had fun with them and their kids! We even played charades for a bit! Then what I have been waiting for since mothers day..... SKYPE TIMEEEEE!!!πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ˜

Okay I am just so pumped bc not one tear left my eye. Not one. It just felt so natural talking to them. I love them, we had a good time, well at least I did. 40 minutes goes by way too fast!! πŸ˜­

Spiritual Thought: 
"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

So I read this today and I was just like wooooow I stink. I really wish I could be as obedient as Nephi was. Like I can't even count how many times my parents asked me to do things and let me tell ya my first response was not " Yes mother dearest" or " Yes dad I would love to" It was more like " ehhh I will get to it when I am good and ready" Which 9 times out of 10 was never. So anyway I just really want to work on being like Nephi and just going and doing what I am asked to, with no complaining. 

Welllll thats about all folks. I find out if I am staying or leaving TONIGHT. Ahhhh I really hope I stay one more transfer. Also can we talk about how I TURN 9 MONTHS ON FRIDAY?! Like what even. One Direction wasn't lying when they talked about just how fast the night changes. Thanks for the people who actually still talk to me. You're golden. Also HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love youuuuu! πŸ’•

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

This might be a little long because the week was just so great so just keep reading😊

Monday: We were out finding and we were close to a family in our ward, so we decided to go and visit them! We knocked on the door but got no answer, but we saw people inside! So we tried fhe side door. Turns out they didn't hear the front door! So they invited us in and invited us to stay for family home evening with their grandkids. We of course said yes! We watched Mr Kruegars Christmas and talked about the real reason for the season! It was so fun!

Tuesday: We had to get some meds at Walmart and while we were there a man comes up to us...
Him: Hi how are you? Are you guys getting taken care of? Do you have enough food?
Me *confused bc never seen him before in my life* : Uh who are you?
Him: Oh I am Joel! I was a missionary in California 10 years ago
Me: So are you a member of the branch? 
Him: No I haven't been active since I got home
Turns out he and his girlfriend attended the Catawba church a few weeks ago, but the elders there never got his info! So we were so excited to meet him! He took our card and said we could teach his girlfriend!πŸ™Œ

Wednesday: We have been in a new investigator dry spell, but that day we were out finding and the man we went to see wasnt there, so I said let's try this next house! So we go up to it just to see a no tresspassing sign. So we start to walk away, then a man comes out! Sister Hill shouts "Hey do you wanna watch a video?!" So we show him LIGHTtheWORLD and of course he loved it! We set a return apointment too!😊

Sunday: Okay not that I should have favorites but this day of miracles is pretty great in my eyes! So on Sunday we were at the door meeting people as they came into church...then Sister Moore (Collen's Mom) walks in with Collen!!!!! She has not been to the branch ever, and she has not come to church in a long time. We were shocked. But SO happy!! And it gets better! That night we taught Emely and she accepted a baptism date!!!! 1/7/17 We are so excited!!! ❤❤

In between all the miracles we helped put stockings together to donate to the childrens home here in town, we had zone meeting, and then the branch Christmas party on Saturday! It was such a great week!😁

Normally I would have a scripture or a quote, but today you are out of luck. Count your blessings, be nice to people, and love God. 

Thank you for putting up with me!! And being so kind this Christmas season! Getting mail from y'all makes me smile big time! I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas with your families!! Love youuuu! πŸŽ„❤

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

Monday, December 12, 2016

Sorry I honestly had no clue what to title this email & I am really pumped for Christmas! 😊

Anyway it was a low key kind of week. Sister Hill caught a bit of what I had sadly, so we spent most of our week nursing her back to health. 

We also were without a car for 2 and a half days. The bumper had to be replaced so we tried our best to stay productive. We were with the Tracy's Wednesday and Thursday and helped them out at their new house! 

But have no fear we actually got to see and teach people this week! We got to teach Angela( that lady we met a few weeks ago who saved us from all those dogs) and she had read the whole Restoration pamplet and so we went over it with her and she really enjoyed it! She said the sweetest prayer at the end of the lesson. We just love her so much!! ❤

We saw Emely this week too! She finally was feeling well enough and came to church yesterday! We are so happy with how far she has progressed! 

We weren't able to teach Collen this week, but we got to go support him in his Christmas play! We had fun, it was a cute little 5th grade play with lots of singing and dancing!

Spiritual Thought:
"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more!"

Part of the purpose for telling the story of Christmas is to remind us that Christmas doesn't come from a store. Indeed, however delightful we feel about it, even as children, each year it "means a little bit more." And no matter how many times we read the biblical account of that evening in Bethlehem, we always come away with a thought—or two—we haven't had before.
But first and forever there was just a little family, without toys or trees or tinsel. With a baby—that's how Christmas began." 

This was from a BYU devo. in the 70's, by Elder Holland. But I loved this part of his talk, because these days Christmas is so commercialized. People don't often think of it's true meaning anymore. I am thankful of my knowlege of our Saviors humble birth. I am thankful for parents who still to this day remind us kids what the true meaning is about. Getting new gifts for Christmas is nice, but the best gift of all was the birth of Jesus Christ. ❤❤

I hope you are all enjoying this Christmas season whereever you may be! Thank you for keeping up with me for this long! It really means alot when I get to hear from you! Love you all! Have a blessed week! 😊

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 28, 2016

So this week was pretty much pointless.

Tuesday we went to interviews though! Sister Alexander showed me selfies of her with her dog, which made my love for her grow even more. Oh and Sister Hill and I went to Target and I may have went crazy at the dollar section, but what else is new?

So Tuesday afternoon I started feeling icky and as the days went on it got worse. I had to go check to see if I had strep (I didn't, thank goodness) and in all honesty I just wanted my mom. So this week consisted of a lot of rest and blowing my nose. I am so thankful that Sister Hill was so patient through all of it!!

Thursday was a great but sad day. It was a miracle because for just a few hours I felt fine! The Tracy's had us over and it was so yummy!!  Nothing compares to Thanksging at my Aunt Tone's house though, but it was a close second. Plus some members from the Concord ward, who are related to the Tracy's,  came too! It was so fun to catch up with them!! I was so thankful to have a place to be that day!😊 I know I say it every week buttttt I LOVE THE TRACY'S ❤

I thought I would handle the day like a champ because I am never homesick, but I was wrong. My family sent me a video and I lost it. I threw myself a pity party for just a few minutes. I guess I didn't realize how hard missing family holidays would be. But it's okay because I love where I am at and my family will always be there next year πŸ˜˜

Oh and I got my Christmas cards printed today!! If you want one  just email me your address! πŸ˜Š

Spiritual Thought:  
This Chrsitmas season the church has an initiative going on called #LIGHTtheWorld. In John 8: 12 Jesus says that He is the light of the world, and in Matthew 5:14 we learn that we are the light of the world. This is the perfect time of year to shine that light. Starting this Thursday and going till Christmas there will be all different ways that you can serve each and everyday. Just like the savior did! The first days theme is "Jesus Lifted Others' Burdens and So Can You" and if you go to it lists different ways you can serve that day! I invite you all to participate in lighting the world. I can testify that when we serve others,in a big or even a small way, our love for others increases, our gratitude increases, and we can impact lives! We are so blessed! Now is the perfect time to go and bless others!❤😊

Well that is all folks. Sorry it was a real lame week. I hope you all have a great week and find some way to #LIGHTtheWORLD❤ Love you!

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