Monday, April 25, 2016

So I got to NC safe and sound last Monday! I didn't get to email so you get double the info! Lucky you!

I finally got out of the MTC! Don't get me wrong, it was great but I needed to leave! I was starting to forget that my mission was in NC not Provo. I really miss my district though. Man it was a great group! I also had to say goodbye to my slave, I mean sister on Saturday. I only cried for like two seconds so that's impressive.

I also survived waking up at 1:30am to get ready to leave! The flights weren't bad mainly cause I slept through them. Oh by the way someone should have reminded me to take my Cetephil loation out of my carry on (: My bags got taken and EVERYTHING even my 4 dollar walmart shoes had to be checked. It took like 15 minutes and it was dumb. I got to call home at the airport and talk to my mom and dad! That made my heart happy! <3 We got to the mission home (which is so beautiful btw) and had interviews, my first southern dinner, and then SLEEP! We went to bed at 8 and oh my word I could've slept 10 more hours. It was glorious.

The next day we got to the mission office and had some meetings! At the end of them we got our assignments. I AM IN CONCORD! It is probably 30 minutes away from Charlotte, so it is a city area! I am in a tri-panionship! That means there are 3 sisters together instead of two! I have Sis Arnold from Logan, UT and Sis Davis from Draper/St George, UT. Her family just moved there so she calls both home! They are both super sweet and we have a good time!

So I don't put you to sleep I will just do some weekly highlights!

1) Sickness leads to being homesick. I caught a cold at the MTC right as I left so I am currently still fighting it. Ugh it is NOT FUN! Mainly because we don't get sick days here and I really just want my mom to come baby me. So I caught the homesick bug. Hopefully it leaves as fast as it came.

2) The members here and the people we work with are amazing! They are so sweet and southern hospitality is not a myth! There are so many different cultures here too. We are even working with a deaf woman! Who by the way said YES when I invited her to be baptized. No biggie. Also no I did not sign it, there was a translator thankfully! But I really love the people here. I have only had a few people say no when we come to their door and no here is " I already found Jesus" or " I have been saved".

3) Small amounts of food are not a thing here. My parents and close friends would be very proud of me because I eat everything I am given, even if I don't want it. We haven't been fed too weird of things, but sometimes I just have to put it in my mouth and swallow. I just wish the serving sizes were way smaller.

4) We do service 3 times a week! We work with Salvation Army. Sometimes it is sorting food, and sometimes it is feeding those who come. It always humbles me. I am SO BLESSED. I saw a baby once this week who was so tiny, it just broke my heart. Just be thankful always for what you have! You could have it worse!

5) Double birthday shoutout! Two of my favorite people had birthdays this past week! My mom and my sister! They are naturally celebrating in europe! If this was Instagram I would post an embarassing pic and a funny caption, but sadly this is not instagram and I am sure no one wants embarassing pics of them. I just love them so much! So happy birthday to you both! <3

I actually really don't know what else to say. I feel like I have a lot more, but nothing is coming to me. Oh my new address is 1007 Summerlake Dr SW 
Concord NC 28025-5766 so don't hesitate to send me anything (: or emails are just peachy! I love hearing from all of y'all! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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