Monday, July 3, 2017

Oh my goodness! This week was crazyyyy and this upcoming week will be even craizer! #thelifeofanstl 

So remember last week when I told yall that the one lady we met last weekend called and wanted us to come over? Well we did. It was going so great she was really emotional and telling us she felt like she needed to reach out to us.... turns out she just wanted us to loan her money to get out of debt🙃 like what?! So weird.  

So this week as a zone we had fast week! So every companionship took a turn! So all day Wednesday we went without food and water so we can see miracles! It worked 😊 We found a new investigator! Wahooo! We actually found 5 this week so we are pumped🙌  side story: while we were fasting we went to service at the old folks home. We alllways bake with them. It took everything in me not to lick the spoon of the chocolate cake mix hahaha but its ok I didnt give in and it was worth it! 

So we had exchanges back to back this week! On Thursday, Sister Peterson from High Point, came here with me! It was so great! I learned alot from her and we were able to find some solid potentials! The next day I went to Bethania with Sister Payne! Fun fact, she said she wanted to go to Spain on her mission haha so I told her my mom got that covered for her #hermanapayne Also we arent related well I dont think we are haha. But  it was a good time! I loved it! While we were there we taught someone who was high as a kite😂 it was intresting. That is my favorite part of talking with everyone, you get fun stories! Also this lady we talked to told me to come back after my mission and marry her son???😂 people are nuts 

Spiritual Thought:  "As we pray with faith, sincerity, and real intent, we will see God's influence in our lives. He will guide us in our daily lives and help us make good decisions. He will bless us with feelings of comfort and peace." 

That was pretty much my week! I love being a missionary so much. Yesterday we walked by primary and they were singing" I hope they call me on a mission"  and I started crying hahaha I wish I could stay forever! I am so grateful for this gospel and I invite everyone to do something this week to increase your faith in Jesus Christ. It makes life worth living💕 This week is gonna be crazy fun! I am so pumped! ❤ I hope to here allll about y'all and what kind of fun things you have been up to! Have a good 4th and enjoy the fireworks🇱🇷💙

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer💕

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