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#65 June 26, 2017 ALL IN

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Okay so this week was a little more exciting! 

We had district activity last Monday! So we went bowling, it was fun! I bowled over 100 (': that for sure never happens so I was pumped!👊

Tuesday we had an MLC conference call. Sister Christensen and I were excited because we thought President was gonna announce something super exciting, like us being able to go to the temple, but sadly none of that happened. It was kinda just a discussion about being good leaders and helping the mission. BUT he did announce something great! STLs can now go on exchanges with other STLs! 🙌 So we are excited! 

We are still talking to everyone we see which really makes the work more exciting. And on Tueaday night we met David. We had a really good conversation and we made some connections! He told us he had family from Spain, so I of course told him my mom served a mission there. Then he said his wife is from Brazil, so of course I asked where because my best friend is there. And y'all! His wife is from RIBERTO PRETO AKA TAHNEES MISSION! So then I asked if he knew where Penapolis (her area) was and when he said yes I just got this wave of joy! Even though it sounds a little silly, it just made me thankful for Heavenly Father placing people in our paths at the right moments❤

Speaking of that, we were walking to our car after trying some people and felt like we needed to talk to this lady. So we did and she let us right in! Also she had the cutest daughter! Anyway they are looking for a church and especially one that the tithing goes to a good cause and not to buy a preacher a new car. So of course we were all over that! We taught her the restoration and I was just so happy! It was going great.....until the first vision. Then satan ruined everything per usual. She was weirded out by the Book of Mormon and said she would have to do her research. It was a terrible ending, but I am still thankful we got to meet her!  

And one more story! So Saturday we drove to an area and lightening flashed right in front of us, and then the same second thunder roared. It was freaky but so amazing! Anyway it immediately started pouring! But the work stops for nothing! We got to talk with a couple for a while, it didn't end in a return appointment or anything. But this morning we got a text from the wife and she wants us to come to their house! So we are in shock, I am telling you this like is so rare when people actually call us, but we are excited! 

The Winston zone is making a comback! The last few months we haven't had much luck, but in 3 days we found 29 New Investigators! Which hasn't happened for a while! But the zone is All In and ready to kick the trash out of this transfer 👊😂 So many exciting things will be going down these next 5 weeks! This week we are having fast week, so a few companionship will be fasting on a certain day, and we all know big miracles will come ❤

Spiritual Thought: 
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son … that the world through him might be saved" - John 3:16
So I am almost done reading Jesus the Christ and I STRONGLY recommend it. I just finished reading about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and my appreciation increased greatly. I am SO thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who would send us His son, and for His son sacrificing himself for everyone past, present, and future. 

Being a missionary is the bessssst😍 I am looking forward to this week! I hope you are all enjoying your summers and not melting too badly in that 120 degree heat 😉 Hope to hear from you soon! Love youuuuu🖤

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer💕
 924 Hawk Ridge Circle 
Winston-Salem NC 27103

The Pictures:  
1) Random selfie @ district activity
2) We do service at this old folks home every week. This is Emma and Sue, they are sisters, and they are ALWAYS matching ❤
3) We had a sisters skype call! Also yay for 2 brand new sisters!!
4) faith should never have a dead end

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer💕

Natalie Jacobsmeyer / 702-419-4952
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