Monday, January 23, 2017

JANUARY 23, 2017 Part TWO

Hey all, the first part of this blog was really last weeks entry that never got put up.  oops!    This part is actually today!  This week!   With help from the Mom!   

This week was one we were dreading. We had no big events to look forward to, or any fun meetings. So we prayed extra hard that we would survive the week and it ended up being a week of miracles🎉

The first miracle was on Tuesday!  We were in charge of leading the religious meeting on the mountain. They wanted us to show how the Bible and Book of Mormon went hand in hand. So we used a lot of scriptures and personal experiences! We were also able to teach most of the Restoration! It went SO well! All 7 of them accepted a Book of Mormon and they want us to lead once a month and present our lessons! Naturally we are pumped! Oh! Also every time before it starts we sing while David plays the harp. They LOVE "Come Come Ye Saints" but we were a little tired of that song (no offense pioneers who inspired it) So we switched things up and sang "Come Thou Fount"! Felicia recorded it and put it on her personal facebook page  and her store page! So you can go on my page and find it if you wanna watch it! 😊

Miracle number two & three occurred Wednesday and Thursday. We did a looooooot of knocking. But God gave us the opportunity to teach! And we found 3 new investigators! Wahoooo! 🙌

Friday brought miracle number 4. We went out with a girl in our branch who just got home in October from her mission in Idaho! (Fun fact: Her first district leader was a return missionary I met this summer in the Wilkesboro ward! Small world!)  So we had a return appointment, that sadly fell through. So knocking we went! Out of the 4 doors we knocked on, ALL of them talked to us! And 2 of the 4 let us teach them! It gets better. One sweet couple, let us in (and let us help them with their groceries #yayforunplannedservice)  and we got to know them for a little bit. They were asking us some real great questions of the soul and we were able to testify of restored truth to them. As we got to know them, we connected the dots and found out that they are Felecia's parents!😮 They want us to come back and teach them more. They weren't able to commit to a specific return appointment due to upcoming doctor appointments, but hopefully we'll be able to meet with them again soon! 

Saturday we had miracle number 5, getting invited to dinner & a birthday party! Ok it wasn't a huge miracle but still it gave us something to look forward to haha Plus we got to be with the cutest families in the branch who we love so so so much! ❤

And lastly, miracle number six. We were former finding after church and met Larry! We had a great conversation and he accepted a return appointment! And because of him, we met our monthly goal!! 😊Miracles can be found EVERYDAY! This I can testify. Big or small, God is always willing to provide those tender mercies! 

Spiritual Thought: "Be brave because you are a child of God. Be kind because everyone else is, too" ❤❤❤

I am so thankful for each & every one of you!!  Enjoy your last full week of January!! 💜💜

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

PO Box 1025
Stuart VA 24171 

1/ I told her to smile real big ha ha
2) Ok but like these shirts are the most accurate thing ever😂
3) Last week at the baptism with the Alexanders💕
4) Preaching to the cows🐄
5) So on the way up the mountain we were covered in clouds!! My picture did not do it justice, so I stole this from facebook! We live in such a beautiful world😊

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