Monday, January 9, 2017

According to my tablet, it's 16 degrees here in good old Stuart and I'm counting my blessings that like half of my christmas gifts included warm fuzzy socks๐Ÿ˜‚

This week went well. I finally have some stories for yall!

So Tuesday we had planned to visit this former who lives in these sketchy apartments. It was in the early afternoon so we were fine with going. So we knocked on the door and this older lady answers and she's on the phone. She tells the person she will call back. So we give her our door approach, tell her who we are and why we are there. She starts crying and says give me  a second. She closes the door and we can hear her praying. So we are like score!! She opens it and let's us in. There were obvious signs of drinking/smoking something going on(plus later on she told us she was drunk), but like what else is new. So we start trying to do some teaching and she starts mumbling things. She told us to talk about something else, and we were like so confused. Then she pulls out her phone and reads us some bible verse texts and asks if we believe them. She also told us she knew a guy who was Mormon once, and she started crying again and mumbling. At this point we were not as pumped as before. Then she starts saying something like "you killed them" and "no I can't" it was freaky. So we were trying to get out of there! I asked if we could say a prayer with her before we left and she said she would say it so she grabbed out hands and squeezed soooo tight while she prayed. Then we got up and she was like where are you going? Don't leave! And then she started searching for something. Then she told us she wanted to give us money. We told her to keep her money and again that we had to leave. Thankfully we got to! I seriously have never been more scared my whole mission. It was freaky to the max. But God protects His missionaries and I am here to tell the tale๐Ÿ˜Š

Also on every Tuesday, we eat with the Branch President ( side note: I have probs gained 30 pounds from all the meals I have had here. SOS๐Ÿ˜ญ)  and after we go to this ladies house and have this religious meeting. There were about 6 other people there, all from different religions and once a week they meet and talk about God and stuff. This week a Catholic Lady led the discussion. It was neat hearing everyones different views. The best part was it was in good spirits! No bashing! We are supposed to lead it tomorrow, but the icy roads might stop us. 
This week we legit almost killed probably 7 dogs. There is not ONE dog chained or fenced in up here *cries bc not a fan of big scary dogs* So they all just jump out in front of us while driving, thankfully we haven't hurt any of them. And thankfully they haven't hurt us! I ran away from 2 dogs this week. Again another mission first #boonieprobs 

And last but not least... SNOWWWW❄⛄ On Friday night while we were sleeping a bunch of snow came to town! We woke up to white! It took me back to my first(and only) experience of living in the snow up in Idaho. I can't say I am a fan. It is pretty though! Our cars were grounded all weekend due to the icy road situation. And sadly there aren't any houses/people to try that live in reasonable/safe walking distance. So we just went CRAZY, stuck inside. We tried to stay as productive as possible! We even got to teach someone over facebook, which was great! But the best part of all was, church was cancelled aka I didn't't have to give my talk! ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

The people down here I guess shut down everything when they get snow, so most the churches cancelled their meetings in our mission. So we had a zone conference call testimony meeting! That was nice, it at least gave us a little spiritual uplift for the week! And Sunday night the Mullins came and got us and had us over for dinner! It was SO nice to be out of the house! Seriously I was getting stir crazy. It looks like we will be inside today too, so if any of you wanna entertain me so I don't't lose my mind I would appreciate it๐Ÿ˜‚

Spiritual Thought
"Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard? 'Tis not so; all is right.Why should we think to earn a great reward If we now shun the fight? Gird up your loins; fresh courage take. Our God will never us forsake; And soon we'll have this tale to tell— All is well! All is well!" - Come Come Ye Saints Hymn #30

This is one of my favorite hymns. Sister Sandy and I sang it Tuesday at that meeting, and while I was complaining about the cold and the snow, I thought of the pioneers. Day after day, they walked in below freezing weather, some even lost their feet due to frost bite. This hymn was written on their journey out west. I am so thankful for those brave souls who left it all behind, for something they believed it. They had it so rough, yet found ways to be full of happiness! 

Okay sorry this is so long๐Ÿ™Š I hope you all have a great week and that I get to hear about all your adventures soon! Sure do love ya! ๐Ÿ’•

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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