Monday, August 8, 2016

So basically God is too good and this week was FULL of miracles! I am here to say that Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers and although the answers don't always come when we want them to, they still come! 😊

Zone Activity- Last week we got together as a zone and went to Bo's which is like a family fun center. There was bowling, laser tag, mini golf, and an arcade! It was a blast! The weirdest part of it all though was having the music playing because as a missionary we don't listen to "worldly" music so that was strange to be around. Also a song from season 1 of Hannah Montana came on the radio?? Of course I still knew every word, I was just so confused by it! But anyway my zone is pretty sweet! E. Norconk who I served with in Concord is in my new zone! It was nice to see a familiar face! Also an Elder in my district (E. Jackson) had my cousin Todd as a seminary teacher/ stake president! Small world right?

Oregon or NC?- No joke I almost staring thinking that we moved to Oregon this week because of the weather. It rained all week and poured most of the time! It was nice because it wasn't super hot but not so nice when you are drenched! It's okay though because the rain brought miracles!

13- As missionaries we have weekly goals and one of those is for new investigators. The standard of excellence is 3 per week. This week we had 13. That goes over the number for the whole month!!! Like what?! We are oh so blessed! Let me tell you about them!
Joyce- Former we went to find, she let us right in (to get us out of the rain) and we taught the plan of salvation! She was the sweetest lady ever and said we could come back!
Madison & Raquel & Austin - We were walking down the street and saw these two girls outside their home, so we started talking to them. We set up a return appointment and when we went back one of them was sleeping but the other one had her boyfriend at home and we were able to teach them! They even said that they would get baptized if they knew these things to be true!
Spanish Men- We went to an appointment that bailed, we had a member with us (an RM who speaks spanish) and he started teaching these two men! They were interested too!
Albany - Went to contact a former and she didn't live there anymore,  but this lady did! We got to teach her and set up a return appointment!
Rene- Former investigator who we went to see, she said she couldn't remember what the missionaries taught her and said we could come back!
Nena- Former investigator, who at first seemed like she wasn't't interested. She invited us in and we got to know her. She has a family member who was baptized! She is a sweet lady who could really use the gospel to brighten her life up! She wants her husband to meet with us as well!
Richardson's-  This is a former family! We were really praying they would be interested still so we went to see them. The mom pulled in right as we showed up! She let us right in and we got to know what she knew about the church. We set up a return appointment, which sadly didn't work out. But it reminded me of a quote I heard from our zone leader " A miracle is still a miracle even if it doesn't't result in someone progressing"
Ginger- This lady was sitting outside and we got to talk with her and set something up with her for next week!
Chris- We were going to find a former and I went to knock on the door, but I guess I knocked on the wrong one oops! But it's ok because we met Chris and he was so full of joy! We got to teach him the restoration and sadly he was just in town to visit, but we got his facebook info so we can stay in touch!
Tatiana- We were again looking for a former and this lady opened the door and let us in! She was so sweet and we got to teach her as well and set a return apointment!
Our teaching pool as been pretty dry lately so we pray that we will continue to see many miracles here in Wilkesboro and find people who are searching for the gospel to bless their lives!

Hastening The Work- Zone Meeting was this week! The focus was on Facebook. Our mission is one of the few who use social media to spread the gospel. They are putting a big push on it now! It is easier to connect with people online these days, and easier to stay in contact. We will be able to use social media for good! In a world where there is so much negativity I am happy to shine some light! Members here or back at home or in other areas of our mission will be able to be involved and share their testimonies to help the investigators. I am looking forward to all the miracles we will see by using the tools we are given to share goodness! If you haven't already feel free to add me! Sister-Jennifer Jacobsmeyer

Spiritual Thought:
John 8:7
So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

One of my favorite scripture stories! I love how Christ points out that no one is perfect so we should not be judging others for their imperfections!

Ok so sorry I wrote too much! But this week was so great and I pray next week is just as good! The work is hastening in North Wilkesboro! I love you all and am thankful to know such good people! Have a blessed week! 😘

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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