Monday, August 15, 2016

I am convinced that Heavenly Father just wants to keep me entertained while I am here in WIlkes! This week was another one full of adventure!

Humbled Hearts- We met this lady named Joyce last week and this week we had another appointment with her! She said that she had been thinking a lot about our last lesson! She is seriously so great! Plus a member came with us which was perfect because she used to be a baptist, just like Joyce is now! It was helpful to have Sister Miller share her own testimony about The Restoration and see how that helped Joyce! She even asked if we could have a standing appointment every week (:

Zone Conference - I love zone conference<3 This time around we really focused on our purpose as missionaries. A quote I love is " As your understanding of Christ's atonement grows, your desire to share it grows" Which is so true! We had to prepare some role plays and of course me and Sister Ince forgot. And guess who was called up to role play for the whole audience? (which was 3 zones combined) Yes us. I was dying on the inside haha I guess that's what we get for being forgetful! But it went fine! We talked about how we live in a day that prophets have talked about for thousands of years! We again focused on Facebook and Skype. We are so excited to be using these tools to find and teach people! We were able to come up with so many great ideas that will really help hasten the work! The best part of all was The Alexanders Son and his wife and 4 boys came to visit! President jokingly asked one of his grandkids if they prepared a talk, they said no, but went up to the mic and bore his testimony <3 it was SO CUTE!

Exchanges- I got to go with Sister Marshall to Newton- Conover! It was way fun! We got to eat with a Mong family which was a first for me! Also we went to try this former who was way creepy. He was basically hitting on us the whole time and he said he would add us on Facebook if that meant he could go on a date with us. No thanks.

Sleepover! - So Wednesday water from the people above us leaked into our apartment. By Thursday it REAKED! We informed the mission office Friday and on Saturday we heard back from them. We were told to go stay with a member for a few nights. Sister Tharrington was out with us already and was kind enough to offer! So we have been living there for a few days. The apartment staff is airing out and drying the carpets, and spraying stuff in it so we don't get mold. The next few days we will be sleeping at a hotel! So like I said before, never a dull moment!

Spiritual Thought-
"May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong." - President Thomas S Monson

I love this quote from our prophet! It is so much easier to just choose the wrong simply because it is easier. You will be greatly blessed though, for choosing the harder right!

Well that is all the stories I got for now! Transfers happen next week so by Saturday we will see what our fate is! I hope everyone enjoys the last bit of their summer! Hope to hear from you soon! <3

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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