Thursday, April 7, 2016

Wow so much has happened in just the small amount of time I've been here! 
So I got dropped off after a yummy breakfast with my mom and sister. We did some last minute shopping at the mall and then drove to the MTC! And guess what? I DIDN'T EVEN CRY!! Shocking I know. I still haven't which is kinda weird to me bc I am a CRY BABY.

So I was rushed up to my class room (where i spend hours and hours) and we did some new missionary stuff. My district is so rad guys. Like seriously i feel like we have been bffs our whole lives. I just adore all of them. Speaking of the word "guys", that's like a no no here. It's hard. I call everyone dude or guys and the worst is calling them by their first name! For example when i saw Ashley(Hermana) Holmes I was so excited and i was like ahhh Ashley i mean sister Holmes! The struggle is real. 
So i will just give you some highlights of the week :
1) waking up is hard to do. Ok everyone knows I hate mornings. Like please stay away from me until i have been up for a few hours. So adjusting to waking up at 6:30 everyday is NOT MY JAM. But i am getting used to it! The first few days were just rough. I def go to bed on time! 
2)  My phone. I don't miss it. Like at all. I feel kinda happier without it. (Note: this does not mean i wont want it back in 18 months, i'm talking to you mom & dad.) Anyway it is actually so nice to not be checking it 24/7. Not caring how many notifications i get is the life. However i did get a little excited when Amanda showed me her Instagram feed but mainly bc she showed me TSwift winning Best Tour and JB winning Best Male Artist, you know the important things. Besides my dream about snap-chatting last night i think i am doing just peachy without my phone. 
3) Investigators. We taught on our second day here. Scary right?? It actually wasn't really. The investigator was just not that talkative so we didn't really progress. But the investigator we have now IS AWESOME! like i love her and i hardly know her. 
4) Conference!! It was great. I am a little sad i couldn't roll out of bed right as it started and stay in my PJs all day tho. The chairs were not ideal for sitting that long. My favorite talk was Kevin R Duncans on Forgiveness. Don't see others as their sins. Forgive them, an unforgiving heart harbors so much pain. There was a lot more so check it out online! 
5) I am a sister training leader whoot whoot!! Also on the subject of sisters I GET TO SEE MINE ANYTIME I WANT. She serves all my needs bc i am needy. I love it. Plus meeting her students made me feel like beyonce. They were so cute and Amanda apparently told them all i do bc they asked about the JB concert and if i got my clothes that i left in my car haha. But my sister rocks and it's so cute seeing how much her students love her.

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer 

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