Thursday, April 14, 2016

I have been gone two whole weeks!! Miss me yet? 😉 
So after I emailed last week we as a district went to the temple! I felt so free walking down the street. I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to walk to my friend Tahnee's house haha, but don't worry mom I followed the rules and didn't.

So time for the weekly update! 
1) Jessy. Oh my word guys I LOVE HER! She was our investigator all last week and on Wednesday we had our last meeting with her. 😢 I will miss her SO much! We are also meeting with a girl named Taylor. She is super shy and kinda  quiet, but she is finally starting to open up to us which is great!

(This is Jessy!)

2) The MTC is building a newer and bigger building for classes. This past weekend they actually gave everyone a chance to sign the beams that would be in the top of the building. So that was pretty cool seeing everyones mark on it.
3) We had exchanges! That means we swapped companions for a while. I was with Sis Pratt and she was the sweetest! It was a fun experience! We taught a boy named Max and he had the thickest southern accent and I am so excited t o be surrounded by that next week haha
4) Fast Sunday. So for the people who don't know I will explain what that means. It is pretty simple to follow. We fast every first Sunday of the month! It is often times a struggle, but a great reward follows. We also have a testimony meeting in church. There was only 16 of us so I obviously had to go up haha. I bore my testimony on my love and respect for Joseph Smith. I seriously love him. I will have you know that both the branch presidency members present quoted my testimony in theirs *humble brag* That made me feel good because honestly I wasn't even gonna go up. When we finally ate dinner I was immediately blessed because THERE WAS MINT CHIP ICE CREAM.
5) This is my last Pday at the MTC #thankful I mean I love being here, but I am SO PUMPED to leave for NC! I am just not pumped to wake up at 2:30am to catch my flight. 😣 I am gonna miss my district SO MUCH! LIke honestly they are so great and funny and we are never not laughing. gahhh I just love them.

I wish I had better stories for you all, but I feel like those stories will be told in the months to come. Thank you again for all your support! I love hearing from you and getting emails from you! Have a wonderful week, I will talk to you next week from Charlotte!❤

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer 

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