Thursday, April 7, 2016

I feel like I need to write about my district! This pic was from this morning!
So we will go in order, left to right.

Sister Miller- She is my homie, my companion. We do everything together, mainly cause we have to! She is so funny and all we do is laugh till we cry. She is from Hooper UT and will be serving in Charlotte with me! I love her and we always have a blast together.
Sister Woolston- She is so great! She is from Sandy, UT and is going to DC. So of course she has to go see Anthony and Wendy for me! I love her. She is the oldest of us (20) and we often tease her about it. 
Sister Laughbon- She is from Murry, UT and is going to DC as well! She is probably the most focused of the group! When we get off topic she pulls us back in. She is sweet!
Elder Nakatsu- He is from Hawaii and is serving in Independence Missouri! He is so funny and chill. 
Elder Anderson- He is from Sacramento, CA! He went to BYUI in the fall just like me! He is so sweet and a great district leader! He is serving in Independence as well!
Elder Moedel- He is SO FUNNY! He looks super shy at first but the sass is real my friends. He is from the town in Idaho where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed! He also is going to Independence.
Elder Parker- He is the lone wolf. He is serving in Twin Falls, ID! He is from Anaheim but is not a fan of disney (IS THAT POSSIBLE?!) He is also funny especially when he is with Elder Moedel!

So that is my group! I adore them and already am sad I will have to part ways! 

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer 

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