Monday, March 13, 2017

WOW. I had the best week ever!! I seriously am so pumped to be writing this.

So Tuesday, we got to lead the religious meeting. Best part though was President & Sister Alexander picked us up and came with us!! They had been in a meeting in Charlotte ALL day and didnt even get to eat dinner, but they still drove the 2 and a half hours up here BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST EVER❤ Seriously. And like I am so thankful because they saved us when some of the questions people asked got tricky haha. 

Wednesday we had zone meeting. We got to have a pancake breakfast before to celebrate meeting last months goals. The meeting was great though. We have some power house missionaries up here in Winston! I guess our zone has the best investigator/baptism ratio in the mission so thats pretty neat! 

Okay now to the good part. Y'all still with me? 

This weekend was so great! Friday we drove to Winston and had a sisters sleepover (minus the pilot mtn sisters) I haven't had one of those since my days in Concord! Haha it was full of junk food and giggles. Oh and really ugly selfies. I am pretty sure no one got a good nights sleep because we were way too pumped for the next day. 

Saturday we drove to Charlotte and got Chick Fil A because why not, then got to the church building. Every missionary was there. It was so great. Obviously I ran to all my past companions that I miss with everything that I am. It was a joyous reunion. So they had us line up and situated us for a mission pic. Sister Alexander came in and started crying. She said she has never seen everyone together. It was precious❤ So we were all where we needed to be for the picture, and then Elder Quentin L Cook walked right past me and a wave of spirit filled me. In case you didn't know, just like Jesus Christ had 12 apostles, we too have 12 apostles since this is Christs church restored. So Elder Cook is one of those apostles. It is a pretty big deal. Anyway after the picture we lined up and walked into the chapel. We got to shake the hands of Elder Cook, Elder Klebingat (of the 70), and Elder McArthur (area 70) , and their wives too! 

The other general authorites spoke, and their wives. Then Elder Cooks turn! I won't tell you everything he ever said to us, if you want to know you can ask. But I will tell you the spirit was STRONG. And it was something I needed. I can testify he is an apostle of the Lord, He has been called of God. He left a blessing on all of us that one day we would see the impact of our missions. It will bless our lives, our families lives, and our future generations. What more could you ask for? 

Sunday was just as great, although to be 100% honest I was SO distracted this time haha. So we drove down to Charlotte with the Mullins at 7am! (Yay for day light savings ๐Ÿ™ƒ) We had a regional, 7 stake, conference at the Coliseum. Every missionaries dream part 2, because all the areas we serve in were invited to come aka I saw ALOT of people I love. Which is why I was distracted hahah because I was looking for those faces. I saw the Tracys aka my Lancaster family so pretty much best day ever. 

The same people spoke as on Saturday, just with different messages! Elder Cook spoke about some ways we can establish Zion in our hearts and in our homes. I will make this my spiritual thought because this email is getting long. Sorry not sorry. 

1) Have religious observance in your home 
2) Be an example where ever you live
3) Honor the Sabbath Day. He talked a lot about this. I am pretty sure it is one of the most broken commandments. Like hello people. He didn't give a do's a don't list but just counseled to do wholesome activities with your family. But when we do better at honoring the sabbath, we will be more blessed!  
4) Focus on the importance of the temples 

He left another special blessing and in it he talked about loving those in your family who are going down forbidden paths. Which hit home. We all have people we care about who may not be doing what we think they should be. But we should love them anyway!! 

Okay so sorry but like this weekend was so great. If you wanna hear more about the other speakers let me know!! Today I realized I have exactly 6 months left AND I FREAKED OUT. Seriously this is the good life. I love it and I love ALL of you!! Your support and prayers lift me up! ๐Ÿ˜˜❤

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer๐Ÿ’•

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