Monday, July 18, 2016

WHAT A WEEK! Seriously longest week of my whole life.

Monday was the best day ever. Me and my companions went to the mall
and got build a bears because why not? Then we said our goodbyes to
all the beautiful people of Concord! They hold such a special place in
my heart. I miss them everyday.

Tuesday was transfers. I packed everything up and Sister Watson drove
us to Charlotte! I met Sister Ince and we had to wait for the Boone
Sisters to finish their meeting. Then we hit the road for 2 hours! I
was happy to be out of the car!

I am in Wilkes now (which btw on my address I gave I put Dr twice so
ignore the second dr ) and it is not Concord. I will just leave it at
that. My companion is Sister Ince who is from Canada! So that is fun!
She has 2 transfers left. I am actually using her I-pad right now
because my tablet email is broke. So if any of you computer smart
people know how to fix it! I would love to know! It says "sync is
currently experiencing problems" and it did that like 2 weeks ago and
it will randomly work. It worked for about 2 minutes this morning and
then nada. I have tried everything!!

Anyway nothing too exciting has happened this past week. I am trying
to adjust to the new area. The ward members are so sweet and kind tho!
I already love them! I actually spoke in church yesterday! What a nice
welcome huh? (: We don't really have a big teaching pool here which
is a big change for me. So hopefully that changes soon! We do a lot of

We had district meeting this week and Sister Miller (my MTC comp) is
in my district!! That makes me way happy!

Since this iPad doesn't have my pics on it, you don't get any for now!
I really hope my tablet starts working soon!

Sorry this email isn't too exciting, I feel bad taking Sister Ince's
iPad time! Ahh but I am thankful for the love and support you all give
me! I hope to hear from you soon! Have a blessed week!

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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