Monday, July 18, 2016

WHAT A WEEK! I think I have felt every emotion possible this week. So
bless my heart right? So stay tuned to the end because I got some
Aloha Y'all- Thursday night a family from Hawaii came and did a really
fun show! They did a tour of the islands and did different dances. I
didn't take pictures, but maybe someday I will get some from someone
and send them. They ended the night doing a fire dance! It was so
neat! George, Kathy, Juan and his kids, and Grace came! They all loved
it! At the end of the families performance they came together and sang
Love At Home in Hawaiian and then invited us all to sing the second
verse with them. I got a little weepy. Shocker right?
Recipe for Success- We had zone meeting this Friday. Yours truly gave
a training and guess who showed up? Oh yeah President Alexander. I was
a little nervous but it went fine! Everyone told me it was great so
that's a plus. It was on sincere prayers. Since our meeting was
cooking themed I compared praying to juicing. When you juice something
you have to squeeze all the juice out. When you pray you need to
squeeze out the desires of your heart. God helps those who help
themselves. There is a big difference between saying the same things
everyday and really having sincere prayers.
Last Friday Night- So we show up to George and Kathy's and the table
was set. They made us dinner! It was SO YUMMY! Plus she had made
homemade peco de gallo (honestly dont know how to spell in spanish
sorry). If you know me , you know that I have much love for peco. So
obviously I was in heaven. I just love George and Kathy so much! Also
that night a giant crazy storm happened. The power went out in the
whole town (but not our apartment bc hashtag blessed) for like 3
hours. Trees were blown down and traffic lights were broke. It was
Baptized- What a weekend for baptism! First my Daddio was able to get
baptized yesterday. It has been a long road and I am very sad I was
not there, but I am so happy for him. Second, MY FIRST BAPTISM!! The
Johnson kids got baptized Saturday! They were so happy! It was such a
special day!
Brb Crying- So transfer news came Saturday night. It was like knowing
if you were making it to the next round on American Idol. I was
nervous. So then the words "be at the hilliard building at.." came out
and I am leaving. My heart is so so broken. Me and my companions had a
good crying session. Every since my emotions have been everywhere.
Stressed, sad, mad, scared, excited. I legit felt like I was leaving
on my mission all over again. Concord will forever have my heart. I
LOVE the people here. I am so sad I have to leave them. But the Lord
needs me in.... North Wilkesboro with Sister Ince. The Lord also needs
Sis Arnold in Lewisville. So the golden trio is breaking up. I am so
thankful that Concord was my first area. AND GET THIS! Both my
companions second area was Wilkes AND the first day I got here they
said I would serve there! Crazy!
D&C 100:4
Therefore, I, the Lord, have suffered you to come unto this place; for
thus it was expedient in me for the salvation of souls.
I really needed this. I was SO mad when transfer calls came. Why would
Heavenly Father take me away when so many great things were happening?
I have now realized someone needs me in my new area and I need to be
happy with it.
Well y'all that's about it. Today is my last day in Concord. It is
Sister Davis's birthday and we are at the mall. We built matching
bears at build a bear, and went crazy at bath and body works. To top
it off we got cold stone! I even got my family Christmas gifts ha!
Thank you for all your love, letters, and support! Talk to you next week!
Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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