Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

This might be a little long because the week was just so great so just keep reading😊

Monday: We were out finding and we were close to a family in our ward, so we decided to go and visit them! We knocked on the door but got no answer, but we saw people inside! So we tried fhe side door. Turns out they didn't hear the front door! So they invited us in and invited us to stay for family home evening with their grandkids. We of course said yes! We watched Mr Kruegars Christmas and talked about the real reason for the season! It was so fun!

Tuesday: We had to get some meds at Walmart and while we were there a man comes up to us...
Him: Hi how are you? Are you guys getting taken care of? Do you have enough food?
Me *confused bc never seen him before in my life* : Uh who are you?
Him: Oh I am Joel! I was a missionary in California 10 years ago
Me: So are you a member of the branch? 
Him: No I haven't been active since I got home
Turns out he and his girlfriend attended the Catawba church a few weeks ago, but the elders there never got his info! So we were so excited to meet him! He took our card and said we could teach his girlfriend!🙌

Wednesday: We have been in a new investigator dry spell, but that day we were out finding and the man we went to see wasnt there, so I said let's try this next house! So we go up to it just to see a no tresspassing sign. So we start to walk away, then a man comes out! Sister Hill shouts "Hey do you wanna watch a video?!" So we show him LIGHTtheWORLD and of course he loved it! We set a return apointment too!😊

Sunday: Okay not that I should have favorites but this day of miracles is pretty great in my eyes! So on Sunday we were at the door meeting people as they came into church...then Sister Moore (Collen's Mom) walks in with Collen!!!!! She has not been to the branch ever, and she has not come to church in a long time. We were shocked. But SO happy!! And it gets better! That night we taught Emely and she accepted a baptism date!!!! 1/7/17 We are so excited!!! ❤❤

In between all the miracles we helped put stockings together to donate to the childrens home here in town, we had zone meeting, and then the branch Christmas party on Saturday! It was such a great week!😁

Normally I would have a scripture or a quote, but today you are out of luck. Count your blessings, be nice to people, and love God. 

Thank you for putting up with me!! And being so kind this Christmas season! Getting mail from y'all makes me smile big time! I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas with your families!! Love youuuu! 🎄❤

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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