Monday, November 14, 2016

#33   This was such a great week! Not only am I spoiled by my earthly father, but by my Heavenly Father.

We had Zone Meeting on Wednesday! Our zone is the bomb and got over 10 baptisms last month so we celebrated with a zone breakfast before the meeting! I love Charlotte South <3 Our big thing right now as a zone is #onemore Basically it just means go the extra mile.. knock one more door, teach one more person.. you get the point. We also got a training on love. Loving our zone, companions, our investigators, our areas, and just everything. I can honestly say I love my area, I love my zone, I love my companion, and loveeee my investigators!❤❤❤

After we left Zone Meeting, we had exchanges! I stayed in Lancaster with Sister Fragoso! We saw miracles. Like getting 5 new investigators! MIRACLE! She is just a fearless missionary! I am so thankful I got to learn from her!

We also got to help out at the Tracy home again! They lived in Ely for a while and so while unpacking all their stuff I found some good old Nevada treasures! And they had a scrapbook with pictures from a track meet hosted by MVHS (,: Even just seeing the high school track and mountains in the background made me smile.

We were visiting a part-member family in our branch this weekend and the little 7 year old goes, " I like even means that everyone gets a partner" 😂hahaha I died! I love that girl she is so precious!

I also got word that Jorge (from concord) spoke in stake conference!! WHAT?! It's ironic because us Concord sisters ALWAYS joked about how one day Jorge would speak in General Conference and even though it was stake conference, it is still a big deal! So I am just gonna copy and paste what my old ward mission leader wrote about it. "If you were not able to attend Stake Conf let me share a quick comment about Jorge's testimony that he shared. He had earnestly prayed for help to understand what to do to learn the will of God and to help his friend understand the importance of faith in our Heavenly Father. The very next day the Sisters knocked on his door and a few months later he is speaking before a huge congregation of Saints at Stake Conf! The Lord is willing to help us find truth and find those that are seeking for it. We just have to ask with real intent. Prayer Works!" And yes I cried while I read it! ❤😭

So bad news....transfers happened.... SIS HICKENLOOPER IS LEAVING ME!😭😭 Don't worry mom I only cried for like 5 minutes. But for real I am so sad. I love this girl to pieces! We got along so great and had a lot in common and she was just wonderful. I will always be thankful for her and our jam sessions to Saturday's warrior hahah But she is headed to Boone! They are so lucky!

Spiritual Thought: 
"And whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, which is right, believing that ye shall receive, behold it shall be given unto you." - 3 Nephi 18:20

I have thee best story ever. So this whole last week I prayed SO much that Sis HIckenlooper would stay. I however said that if God was going to take her from me, that he needed to send Sister Hill ( a sister I came out with and love) to my zone. And guess what? SHE IS MY NEW COMPANION! WUT. God is so good! Prayers do get answered!! ❤

So life is sad but happy. I am so thankful to have the gospel in my life! I finished the Book of Mormon this morning and I can testify that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. He lives, and loves us no matter what. I am thankful for the words of the prophets and the guidance they give us in hard times.

I have started to collect testimonies of the Book of Mormon and would strongly encourage any of you to first, read the Book of Mormon and gain your own testimony. Then you can hand write it or type it and send me a copy in the mail! Nothing would make me happier! 😊

Since I am staying my address is still 439 colonial ave apt d 
Lancaster sc 29720 for any of you who want to do a kind deed and send some snail mail!😉

I love you all and am so beyond blessed for all your support!! Have an amazing week! 💕

Sending Love, 
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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