Monday, September 26, 2016

Shout out to the 2 people who asked if I was okay bc of the shootings in Charlotte πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ But really thank you for your concern! I am very glad I am far away from the riots and sadness going on. Although I do have a Dr Apt this weekend in the heart of Charlotte so #pray4me

Speaking of prayer, I was informed this morning that my sweet grandpa Cal is having some sort heart operation this afternoon so please say a little prayer for him. ❤

Anyway this week went by incredibly fast! It was a real great week too (mainly bc we have been nomstop jamming to saturdays warrior which btw Sis H's uncles are Jimmy and Wally in the old movie!) 

We are finally building up our teaching pool! We got a referral last week who is now a progressing investigator! His name  is Tyrone! We taught him twice this week! He really loved the lessons and has a big goal to make it back to the celestial kingdom😊 We also were able to have a few other lessons with people we have come in contact with! It is so amazing to see how much this area has progressed in the short 3 weeks I have been here! God is good!

A neat experience happened this week at service!  We volunteer at The Woman's Enrichment Center which is a place for expecting mothers to go get help and other stuff. Anyway we were in the clothing room and talking to another volunteer named Jennifer. So on facebook I am doing a weekly Q& A about missionary work/ the church in general so I asked Jennifer if she had any questions. She had a lot! She asked "who founded the Book of Mormon?" So we were able to answer that and even gave her one! The next day she said she started reading it! It was a little miracle in the week❤ Also if any of y'all have any questions about what missionaries do/ the church in general feel free to send them to me!

Don't worry I saved the best for last! The General Woman's Broadcast was on Saturday! It is a special meeting where the woman leaders of the church get to speak to us! The stake made a night out of it! Soup, Salad, and Service! We had dinner and then made spa kits for refuges! It was way fun! Plus I got to see all the Sisters in the zone! Two of them were my past companions! 😊 Then the broadcast started and bonus Sister Alexander sat with us! It was wonderful and a big spiritual boost. I invite you all to go find it on! ❤

Spiritual Thought:
I just really loved Sister Oscarsons talk on Saturday. She talked about how we really are in the last days but we can have the faith to make it through anything. We need to have a firm testimony, which is sometimes hard to do when all the pressures of the world surround you. But it is possible!

Well I am currently eating McDonald's for the first time in 6 months so life cant be any better amiright?! I am seriously so pumped for General Conference this weekend! I hope you all get the chance to watch it wherever you might be!

I love y'all and I am beyond blessed to have the support that I do! Have an amazing last week of September! 😊

Sending Love,
Sister Jacobsmeyer

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